5 Indigenous Owned Businesses to Explore for National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day banner, 2021

Today (June 21st) is National Indigenous People’s Day, a day to celebrate First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. In addition to learning about Indigenous history, it’s also important to take action and support Indigenous communities and individuals in the present- right here, right now. 

One way you can take action is by supporting local and buying products from Indigenous owned businesses! We’ve gathered a small sample of Indigenous-owned businesses in the Halifax area that you can explore in honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day.

This is just a sampling of many Indigenous-owned business in K’jipuktuk. Please add to this list in the comments!

1. Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors 

Mi’kmaq Office Furniture & Interiors is an Aboriginal-owned office furniture company that services Canadian businesses and government departments. 

2. Reclaiming Our Roots (land-based learning program for Halifax youth)  

Reclaiming Our Roots is a land-based learning program that supports Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth to make meaningful connections with the earth and Mi’kmaw values. 

3. Ruhkah Designs 

Ruhkah Designs is owned by Jessica Jerome, an Indigenous graphic designer. Keep an eye on the Ruhkah website, coming soon, or, email Jessica at ruhkah@hotmail.com if you’re interested in some new graphic design. 

4. The Beaded Crow

If you love jewelry, take a look at the unique and handmade beaded pieces available through The Beaded Crow. All items are made by an Indigenous beader located in Halifax. 

5. Patuo’kn

Patuo’kn is an illustration and design business run by two sisters in Nova Scotia. The duo behind Patuo’kn brings innovation spirit and experience to provide creative solutions to businesses and individuals.

If you’re not currently situated in Mi’kma’ki, you can search the #BeatTheDrum Indigenous Women’s Business directory to find an Indigenous owned business near you!

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