New to SMU? Apply for your ID card today!

Lots of cars outside the residence building as move-in day commences, circa 2006.
Move-in day circa 2006.

Ah, move-in weekend.

The excitement!

The chaos!

The- hey, where’s your ID card?

Uh oh- did you forget to apply online, well in advance?

Your university ID card is so many things- your library card, your bus pass, your meal card for on-campus dining, and your ticket into the Homburg Centre (the gym), among other things. So, it’s a pretty important thing to have with you when you start at SMU!

This year, you’ll need to apply for your ID card through our online form by August 3 in order to pick it up on campus when you arrive. If you apply after August 3, or wait until you arrive on campus (yikes!), you’ll have a wait while we process your request- delaying your ability to access all the services your card allows.

Don’t let this be you! Be proactive and apply now. And don’t be shy- if you need help, just Ask Us. We’re happy to walk you through the process!

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