Welcome to your Patrick Power Library

Hey there, new and returning SMUdents! The start of Fall Semester is almost here and we want to welcome you to Saint Mary’s University and your Patrick Power Library! We’ve lined up some events throughout Welcome Weeks and September to invite you to learn more about the library and how library services will support your academic career — keep reading to learn more. We hope to see you there!

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Help prepare students for university level research with library instruction

The Patrick Power Library is here to assist instructors and help Saint Mary’s University students develop information literacy skills such as the ability to seek, retrieve, evaluate and use information sources. Library instruction opportunities include Academic Integrity Foundations, ResearchBase, and information literacy classes customized for individual courses and assignments.

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Brief disruption to Library services May 9-17

As part of the Novanet Consortium of libraries, the SMU Library is updating its online catalogue. While we prepare for the updates to go live, there will be a brief disruption in library services from May 9-17. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we upgrade the Library’s catalogue.

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Winter 2022 exam hours and activities

Happy last day of Winter Term 2022, SMUdents! As you take on exams, we’re here for you. From free study snacks and massages to assignment help services, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for information about activities, hours and services during exams.

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Borrow this year’s Canada Reads contenders from the SMU Library

The ultimate Canadian book battle is taking place from March 28 to 31. During the Canada Reads competition, five celebrity champions defend a book of their choice written by a Canadian. Each day the champions debate and vote to eliminate one title until a winner is declared the book that all Canadians should read.

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Poetics of the Archive, Part 1: “Lost to time”

The Saint Mary’s University Archives recently welcomed students in ENGL/ACST 3307: The Poetics of the Archive to examine records in our collection. This course asks students to respond creatively and critically to archival materials, and we are excited to share excerpts from an assignment in which records in the SMU Archives were the objects of study. This is the first in a collection of 4 excerpts from student assignments, collected by Teaching Assistant Claire Yurkovich, an MA student in the Women and Gender Studies program.

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Learn about the history of divorce and married women’s rights with Dr Tim Stretton

You’re invited to hear the stories of women from the 16th-18th centuries who found themselves in broken marriages, and challenged a legal system that viewed them as subordinate to men and denied the option of divorce.

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Journals and databases for researching Black history and scholarship

February is African Heritage Month and Black History Month, but we know research about Black history and scholarship isn’t confined to one month of the year. The SMU Library has resources to support your research on these topics year round.

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Read a Challenged Book During Freedom to Read Week

February 20-26 is Freedom to Read week, a celebration of the fundamental rights to intellectual freedom and freedom from censorship. Both rights are guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and are strongly supported by libraries across Canada.

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