Journals and databases for researching Black history and scholarship

February is African Heritage Month and Black History Month, but we know research about Black history and scholarship isn’t confined to one month of the year. The SMU Library has resources to support your research on these topics year round.

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An e-book & film list for African Heritage Month

Want to do some reading to celebrate African Heritage Month and Black History Month but don’t want to venture into the ice and snow? The Patrick Power Library collection includes over 390,000 electronic books (e-books), with many on Black history topics, all available at your fingertips. We have scholarly books to help with your research and books to read when you need a break from studying. Scroll down for a list of suggested e-reading and video streaming.

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Take A Look Inside the Lynn Jones Collection for African Heritage Month

Dr. Lynn Jones has loved collecting and sharing stories about her community since she was a child. When she was around 8 years old, she became curious about the articles and other “exciting things” her mother collected on the kitchen table of their family home in Truro, Nova Scotia.1 The joy she found in exploring her mother’s collection quickly turned into a lifelong passion for scrapbooking and collecting material of her own interest.2 Now, after more than 50 years and a career as an athlete, politician, activist, and community worker, Dr. Jones has collected thousands of news clippings, meeting minutes, programs, reports and other material documenting Black life.

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Five significant items from the Lynn Jones collection

Did you know that the Saint Mary’s University Archives is home to the Lynn Jones African-Canadian & Diaspora Heritage Collection? The Lynn Jones Collection documents the lives of Lynn, her family, and over 50 years of African, African Diasporic and African-Nova Scotian heritage and history.

We’re honoured to start our new blog by highlighting five items from the Lynn Jones Collection that speak to the history, lived experience, and activism of African Nova Scotians, at home and abroad.

  1. Campaign Poster for Nelson Mandela (1994). Lynn Jones travelled to South Africa as a Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) election observer for the South African election which saw Nelson Mandela elected President as the country’s first black head of state, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election. 
  1. Cover of First Edition of GRASP Periodical (1970). GRASP was a publication of the Black United Front. Also known as The Black United Front of Nova Scotia or simply BUF, it was founded in 1965 by Burnley “Rocky” Jones among others. 
  1. Article on History of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children (Charles Saunders, Daily News, 1996). In the 2010s the home came under fire when many former residents came forward with allegations of abuse they experienced during their time at the home, which ended in a class action lawsuit, and an apology from the Premier of Nova Scotia. 
  1. Flyer “Save the North End CEC” (1996). When the federal government announced they were closing the Canadian Employment Centre in the North End of Halifax, a group of activists including Lynn Jones fought against the decision, which they felt would have a negative affect on the local community. This included a media campaign, protests, and occupation of the offices. 
  1. Soldier’s Service Book for Victor Herbard Jones, uncle of Lynn Jones (1940). These books contained details of wage payments from the army, as well as training, vaccination and other related records. 

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