An e-book & film list for African Heritage Month

Want to do some reading to celebrate African Heritage Month and Black History Month but don’t want to venture into the ice and snow? The Patrick Power Library collection includes over 390,000 electronic books (e-books), with many on Black history topics, all available at your fingertips. We have scholarly books to help with your researchContinue reading “An e-book & film list for African Heritage Month”

Take A Look Inside the Lynn Jones Collection for African Heritage Month

Dr. Lynn Jones has loved collecting and sharing stories about her community since she was a child. When she was around 8 years old, she became curious about the articles and other “exciting things” her mother collected on the kitchen table of their family home in Truro, Nova Scotia.1 The joy she found in exploringContinue reading “Take A Look Inside the Lynn Jones Collection for African Heritage Month”

Lest We Forget: Preserving our Audiovisual History

Did you know that October 27th was World Day for Audiovisual Heritage? If you didn’t- well, now you do! As Remembrance Day draws near and we spend time reflecting on the past, it’s worth considering how we as a society preserve our collective history. Unlike books and journal articles, audiovisual (AV) materials can be difficultContinue reading “Lest We Forget: Preserving our Audiovisual History”

Latin American Heritage Month 

Did you know that October was Latin American Heritage Month? Latin American Heritage month was established in 2018 to recognize the significant contributions that members of the Latin American community have made to the social, economic and political make-up of Canada. The month was officially designated by the Latin American Heritage Month Act as a way to express gratitude to the LatinContinue reading “Latin American Heritage Month “

The Economics of Halloween

Holidays like Halloween are great for the economy (and enjoying festivities and treats!). Extra purchases like decorations, costumes, celebrations and of course, candy create a significant short-term boost that would not happen without the formal holiday. But what’s the true cost of Halloween for Canadians? How significant is the impact? We went to the StatistaContinue reading “The Economics of Halloween”

Faculty Author Series: Creating Sustainable Change Around the World with Dr. Tony Charles

What are communities around the world doing to conserve their local environments? What motivates them? How do they handle things like decision making and power when working to create sustainable local solutions to global problems? In honour of Open Access Week, we’re celebrating the recent publication of Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods, a freely-available book thatContinue reading “Faculty Author Series: Creating Sustainable Change Around the World with Dr. Tony Charles”

The Research Toolkit workshops are back for Fall 2021!

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening throughout October, starting October 14th, students can once again tune in to the popular Research Toolkit workshops to learn advanced research tactics. Facilitated by librarians from the Patrick Power Library, and delivered via Microsoft Teams, the Fall 2021 Research Toolkit workshops are a great opportunity for research assistants, teaching assistants,Continue reading “The Research Toolkit workshops are back for Fall 2021!”

How and why you should diversify your reading list!

As we gear up for a long Thanksgiving weekend, in addition to rest and relaxation (always a must!), we recommend picking up a good book- maybe one that wouldn’t ordinarily appear on your reading list. Why? Maybe you’re not much of a reader, and would like to start reading for fun (not just for classes).Continue reading “How and why you should diversify your reading list!”

Some National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Resources and Reading Lists

All of the resources listed below can be found in the SMU Library, or online. Ebooks A Knock on the Door: The Essential History of Residential Schools from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Canada’s Residential Schools: The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. v.1, pt.1. The History: Origins to 1939 Canada’sContinue reading “Some National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Resources and Reading Lists”

Dear Husky, I feel like I’ve tried everything. Why is my login not working? Locked Out _____________________________________________________________________________ Hi Locked Out, If you’re wondering why your login isn’t working, you’re not alone. If you’ve felt the frustrations of trying to (unsuccessfully!) login, don’t despair! Ask yourself: what are you trying to do/log into? Depending on whatContinue reading